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17th of January 2017 12:42 PM Link
For a truly special event, I love this dress! It is done in a double-face dark navy satin. The bodice has a black Alencon lace overlea from Gelmor Lace. The skirt is done with varying heights of appliqued lace that has a little feather and Swarovski crystal fun added! For specific size measurements and price, please either call my studio or message me.
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2nd of January 2017 07:38 PM Link
Bring on 2017... set the goal, put your game face on and get it done!!
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9th of October 2016 11:00 PM Link
With the Swarovski crystals and French Alencon lace pinned in place, this fabulous custom headpiece was ready for my bride's approval... she loved it!!💖
12th of June 2016 11:24 AM Link
Miss Sarina going to prom! Her gown originally was floor length all the way around and was also quite shapeless on her petite frame. She wanted to shorten the front and add a flounce to the hemline. I then fitted the bodice to her ribs and shaped the skirt... Another classy diva!
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16th of May 2016 01:19 PM Link
Prom season is in full force!! I've lost count on how many gowns have rolled through my shop in the last month.... Miss Furtaw was happy as could be going to Grosse Pointe North's prom this past Saturday with her perfectly tailored gown!
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19th of April 2016 10:02 AM Link
It's wedding season!! The best part of having many years behind me AND some of the best clients around is that I now have pictures featuring so many of you in very different roles! These 3 best friends all in each other's weddings over the last several years....
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15th of March 2016 07:35 PM
Finally.....the new and improved website of Julesjoynerdesigns.com is up!! The home page features a rotation of shop pictures starting with the front of the shop....just so you know you are on the right site.

And a special thank you to JR of Maskeny Systems, Inc for his amazing patience!!
8th of March 2016 09:58 AM Link
Helping my clients feel amazing and special for their special events will always be gratifying for me....and the ultimate bonus is when the gowns are worn AGAIN!! Donna wore this stunner to her daughter's wedding last August and Ann Marie wore this gorgeous leopard silk gown almost 4 years ago! This past weekend, the Henry Ford Hospital Medallion Ball let them show their gowns off again....
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5th of February 2016 04:56 PM Link
For anyone who has been to the shop in the last 3 months, they have heard me talking about this weekend! I have had all the brutal workouts at Fusion and the Barre to get through the 14 obstacles!!
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5th of January 2016 10:14 AM Link
Coming very soon..... The all new, finally revised, and gorgeous website will be live!! For giggles, feel free to visit the soon-to-be old JulesJoynerDesigns.com!! it was originally done in such a way where I could not get in it and ever update without a ridiculous fee! Soooo, by the end of this week, there will be the "grand opening" to my new site!!🤗🎉🤗


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