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5th of February 2019 11:08 PM Link
A rare post featuring me! My dress for Katlyn’s wedding used French tulle cut in both 1/4 and 1/2 circles for the skirt.... French Chantilly and Alencon laces were used on the bodice. This will be replicated in white, ivory, and blush going forward.... and, of course, in black! #tealengthdress #blacklaces frenchtulle #ilovemyjob
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5th of February 2019 10:58 PM Link
Katlyn’s wedding!! So long story short, I had hoped to be honored with making her gown. But she had to do the homework of trying on gowns first. As the search continued, she was getting stuck.... I finally had the chance to offer her my wedding gift!! She chose silk crepe... like butter!! The gown was lined in the same silk, so 10 yards of deliciousness! Covered buttons finished her sleeves and a delicately beaded strap stabilized her gorgeous shoulders. Her veil was adorned with Swarovski crystals done in reverse.... heavy at the top and fading as we approached the end of its 9’. It was a totally heartfelt honor to be with her before the wedding ceremony and escort her to the aisle. Congratulations to my assistant, Mrs. Russell!💖 #weddings #silkcrepe #customgowns #cathedralveils #ilovemyjob @ Jules Joyner Designs
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1st of February 2019 06:59 PM Link
In October of 2015 Katlyn Summerville was introduced as my assistant. Tomorrow this lovely girl will marry the man of her dreams! Details and fabulous pics will be posted next week!💞💞

Weddings are simply the best!!
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24th of January 2019 08:48 PM Link
I’m proud to announce that I now offer gown preservation! I’m working with The Gown Preservation Company. They have been in business since 1913 and have this down to a science! In my research I learned they have handled Kleinfeld’s for years which sold me! I have had nearly a dozen brides in the last 4 months bring their gown to me. The process is so simple... bring your gown and veil back to my shop.... it gets labeled for any special stains... boxed and sent to New York. Turnaround time is averaging 4-6 weeks. It is then shipped to your home with an email sent to both of us so we all know what’s going on. Someone must be home to sign for it and that’s it!!
On average cleaning and preserving at a dry cleaners is around $300-350ish... this is $275 and painless! I hope to see many of you soon....rather than leaving it in a closet!💖 @ Jules Joyner Designs
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17th of January 2019 08:47 PM Link
Miss Ally had a couple of requests.... a bit of drama and a touch of mom’s gown. Well, how much do I love a cathedral veil?? My personal favorite... add some crystal for a splash of sparkle, give it a toss in the breeze and magic happens!💫 And sometimes adding a touch of sentiment can be very delicate.... the lace edge on Ally’s back neckline was from her mom’s hemline. Perfect touch!💖 #cathedralveil #weddings #heirloomtouches #ilovemyjob @ Jules Joyner Designs
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11th of January 2019 04:17 PM Link
December 23rd was LauraAnn’s wedding day! She commissioned her custom gown and I set out to make her fabulous!! She found her beaded fabric locally and I lined it with silk crepe. Accentuating her petite frame was key with this cut... highlighting her rib cage and small of her back. Finally, it passed the “spin test” beautifully!💖💖 #christmasweddings #headtotoesparkle #thefabricboutique #ilovemyjob #customgowns #Oscar productions @ Jules Joyner Designs
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14th of December 2018 08:43 PM Link
Miss Kelly’s wedding was a little while ago, but as with so many of my brides, it feels like yesterday! She had already purchased her gown and needed it altered to perfection! In addition she wanted a something special of her Dad’s sewn into the gown. She had a shirt and one of his military name patches. I cut the shirt piece into a heart with his name across the middle. It was then sewn inside to be over her heart as she walked down the aisle!💞 Kelly was kind enough to send along a quote to pass along!💞 @ Jules Joyner Designs
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30th of November 2018 07:36 PM Link
Every once in a while, my schedule will allow me to do one of my most favorite things.... help one of my brides down the aisle! It is such an honor to be present, see her groom and give her the final fluff! My assistant, Katlyn, and I guided her through the War Memorial gardens and simply got to enjoy! Stephanie’s bodice was embellished with the lace from her mom’s gown that we beaded with pearls and clear Swarovski stones. She had tradition blended in with the stunningly modern beading of the trim. A custom veil measuring in at 12’ was beaded all the way around to compliment the entire fabulous look!💞💞 #lace #traditional #ballgown #cathedralveil #ilovemyjob @ Jules Joyner Designs
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27th of September 2018 09:19 PM Link
Miss Kate! This was a fantastic project! She commissioned a custom gown requesting her mom’s lace be used for her bodice and sleeves... all of the lace was removed from the hemline ruffles and sleeves. The yards and yards of lace strips were then sewn together for each piece of Kate’s bodice. The body of the gown was a stunning silk crepe hemmed to perfection! I finished her back with illusion and mom’s buttons... comfort and elegance!!💞 #customgown #silkcrepe #weddings #ilovemyjob @ Jules Joyner Designs
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22nd of September 2018 09:43 AM Link
A royal wedding absolutely does not happen without an amazing royal mom! Alexandra’s mom, Joan, commissioned a custom gown. I love my French lace combined with silk.... I always draft a muslin sample of the bodice... her neckline was just so flattering! The lightweight dupioni let the skirt flow AND it had pockets!! The sleeves evolved from a simple 3/4 to adding a ruffle and a bow... I looooved this! And finally Joan let me add 2mm Swarovski stones to the edges to just give it a little twinkle!! She genuinely glowed... #justinecastlephotography #silk #frenchlace #ilovemyjob @ Jules Joyner Designs
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