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10th of June 2018 08:01 PM Link
Always fun having some “Say Yes to the Dress” in the house!! Kleinfeld’s and Miss Hayley Paige.... wedding season in full swing!!💞 @ Jules Joyner Designs
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5th of June 2018 02:35 PM Link
Custom cap sleeves in their final stages of beading. My favorite French Alencon lace, 3 and 4 mm pearls and Swarovski crystal.. gorgeous is on the way!! #frenchlace #crystals #pearls
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19th of May 2018 05:36 PM Link
In 2002, Miss Suzette Atrasz-Kapla was a custom client... we worked with the best duchesse silk satin and Swarovski crystals. Her veil was a substantial 12’ long sprinkled with crystals. Beautifully classic and looking stunningly similar to the Royal wedding today!! #royalwedding #silkgown #ilovemyjob #historyrepeats #fabulousclients
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19th of April 2018 03:30 PM Link
It’s wedding and prom season! ✨
25th of February 2018 10:12 AM Link
25th of February 2018 10:12 AM Link
25th of February 2018 10:03 AM Link
9th of December 2017 12:25 AM Link
Coming soon.... silk chiffon, silk charmeuse and spaaaarkle!!
26th of November 2017 01:50 PM Link
Ms. Donna was getting ready to renew her vows on her 25th anniversary. She did what we have all done... bought a gown, got it home, and then had a ton of doubts. She realizes there can be no bra, the front was too low for her taste, she wasn’t happy with the hip line, AND it didn’t feel bridal enough. To top it off, it wasn’t returnable so she came to me!

I raised her shoulders to support the bustline and raise the center front. Then I set up 8 slits to add 25 yards of tulle cut in 1/4 circles to fluff up the hemline....that instantly slimmed her figure and made it more bridal! Her bubbly personality and handsome husband had her glowing! 💕❤️💕
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5th of November 2017 05:05 PM Link
At last, Ms. Debbie wore this amazing gown to her son’s wedding! 5 yards of French Chantilly lace and nearly 5500 burgundy Swarovski crystals.... red silk organza was mixed with 4 layers of cranberry tulle behind the lace to get the perfect color! She felt gorgeous and everyone said she looked like a movie star! ✨✨
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