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3rd of August 2018 05:45 PM Link
Miss Taylor had a beautiful gown.... she wanted just a touch of something extra... just a touch of sparkle! So her straps were beaded with 3mm crystals for a totally romantic finish!💞
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29th of July 2018 07:04 PM Link
Marissa was a very fun bride! It all started with her Cinderella wish... her skirt tripled in volume with endless crinoline layers, shoulders were added, and she topped her look off with a magnificent cathedral veil and gloves! THEN THE 180!! Beyoncé enters the mix and Marissa planned a dance number with her squad... so she simply had to have the perfect lace romper custom made to pull the surprise off! Huge success!💞💞 @ Jules Joyner Designs
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10th of June 2018 08:01 PM Link
Always fun having some “Say Yes to the Dress” in the house!! Kleinfeld’s and Miss Hayley Paige.... wedding season in full swing!!💞 @ Jules Joyner Designs
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5th of June 2018 02:35 PM Link
Custom cap sleeves in their final stages of beading. My favorite French Alencon lace, 3 and 4 mm pearls and Swarovski crystal.. gorgeous is on the way!! #frenchlace #crystals #pearls
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19th of May 2018 05:36 PM Link
In 2002, Miss Suzette Atrasz-Kapla was a custom client... we worked with the best duchesse silk satin and Swarovski crystals. Her veil was a substantial 12’ long sprinkled with crystals. Beautifully classic and looking stunningly similar to the Royal wedding today!! #royalwedding #silkgown #ilovemyjob #historyrepeats #fabulousclients
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19th of April 2018 03:30 PM Link
It’s wedding and prom season! ✨
25th of February 2018 10:12 AM Link
25th of February 2018 10:12 AM Link
25th of February 2018 10:03 AM Link
9th of December 2017 12:25 AM Link
Coming soon.... silk chiffon, silk charmeuse and spaaaarkle!!


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