About Jules

Without a doubt, the question I get asked the most is, “how did I get started doing this?”

While I started sewing at the age of 11 or so and it was a very serious hobby, it was not my career plan. I earned my bachelors degree in business from Michigan State and had ambitions of being all corporate in New York. That definitely didn’t work out and while waiting tables one night, I had an epiphany that maybe I should be doing what I really love!

My first job at 17 was in a bridal salon doing alterations. That experience proved to be priceless, even though I didn’t see it that way at that age! But when I was quite miserable paying off student loans while waiting tables, I started to realize that I had some pretty good experience.


My business started to hit the next level when I studied with a retired design professor from the Chicago Institute of Arts. Her experience was amazing! Not only was she meticulous about exact details, she had a vast list of the absolute best sources in New York for the best silks and laces. Over 25 years later I am still buying from the same importers as Vera Wang, Oscar de le Rente, and Monique Llhuillier!

My business now specializes in weddings, special events, and making sure you look fabulous everyday. Whether it is a fabulous custom project or alterations on a wedding gown or that favorite pair of jeans, I want you happy. Period.

With respect to weddings and special events, they tend to be expensive, emotional, and perfection and deadline driven. I firmly believe that if any of those points are overlooked, the overall experience can start to suffer. I genuinely want you to get exactly what you want and actually enjoy the process, too!
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