Custom Projects

When clients are considering a custom-made gown, there are a variety of reasons. It could be that the gown desired is discontinued or way out of the budget. It could be a size issue. It could also be that the perfect gown simply can’t be found.

I strongly suggest that dresses have been tried on. The land of custom is one of a million questions. The first one is regarding the shape or cut of the gown. If I am asked to make a ball gown, for example, do you like yourself in that shape? When gowns have been tried on, even its just a couple, the risk of not liking it as it comes to life is all but eliminated.

The other critical reason for trying on gowns is to see and touch the fabrics. Whether the desire is crisp or drapery, it is so different to go from the pages of the magazines to reality! I am partial to working with silks whether it is silk satin or any type of silk variety simply because when working with a natural fiber, it presses to perfection. But I am working for you, so whatever makes you happy is the bottom line!

Esthetic details such as lace, beading, pleating, or totally simple, come together as the project progresses. I do not make executive decisions regarding subjective details. Communication is always going on and my direction is completely dictated by my client.

Ayana's Dress
Ayana’s Dress
Donna's Dress
Donna’s Dress
Ayana's Dress
Jillian’s Dress
Kristen's Shower Dress
Kristen’s Shower
Maria’s Prom Dress
Maria’s Prom
Sarah’s Wedding Gown
Sarah’s Wedding
Suzanne’s Gown
Suzanne’s Gown